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new project

2011-05-31 22:46:56 by TateOrtena

might start a new project based on different creatures, staring with the buffalion i just posted. Want to make a dragon-steed sorta creature based on either a roadrunner or a vulture. Consider it a fantasy western.

what up b

2010-09-24 00:33:27 by TateOrtena

hey newgrounds, long time no post, whats up


2010-02-28 01:19:27 by TateOrtena

finally picked a college yaaaay. Pretty excited to leave home. But I still got a few months left :1 contest didnt go very well so poo. Just gotta keep trying >C


2009-12-01 22:11:38 by TateOrtena

art schools, not very fun to research whenever you feel like every one of them HAS to have something wrong with it. THE PERFECT SCHOOL DOES NOT EXIST D:


2009-08-06 00:39:14 by TateOrtena

havent been on this website in a few weeks. Probably should update.

Umm...yea i dont have much to say. Summers getting farther and farther along and i like the progress ive made.

Also metalacalypse is on, win.

Hey guys

2009-07-03 22:54:11 by TateOrtena

really starting to like this place, just wish the layout wasnt so screwy. I like the people here better. You guys are cool D: But its harder to stay in contact with people, i dont even know if you can watch people here like you can on dA...but whatev, i'll figure it out slowly but surely.

Anyway, i feel weird not being able to animate when this site is mainly for animators...but im taking classes when school starts back up so who knows :3


2009-07-02 03:09:06 by TateOrtena

Another place to post art 8D