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2010-02-28 01:19:27 by TateOrtena

finally picked a college yaaaay. Pretty excited to leave home. But I still got a few months left :1 contest didnt go very well so poo. Just gotta keep trying >C


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2010-02-28 15:01:24

Just keep on trying like me never give up even though I lost lots of times in video game competitions but still its fun. I like some of your art by the way seems kinda cool.

TateOrtena responds:

thanks very much x]


2010-03-02 23:25:56

Playstation and its affiliates SUCKS ASS. Go play Halo 3 and Fable 2 and you'll see why playstation is bullshit and Xbox is awesome.


2010-03-06 04:39:45

GO GO GO!! Get that art prize thing!


2010-03-11 17:27:06

Just so you know, your work is totally gorgeous, and you should keeping truckin' along.


2010-05-10 18:59:44

Seen some of your art here, very impressive. I hope you win that contest. But one thing, what software do you use to draw?